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Ahsin Ahsin

Ahsin Ahsin is a Hamilton based artist inspired by 1980s animation and pop culture. He has an extensive list of commissioned work and has participated in international art initiatives including a series in India. 

Ashin Ashin.jpg
Ali Selliman 

A local tattooist from Holiday Tattoo Studio, Ali has been throwing up murals in Hamilton for donkeys! A member of Hamilton’s notorious Underwater Collective, Ali’s work is influenced by folk tales, architecture and indigenous cultures. 

Askew One

Askew One/Elliot O’Donnell is a self-taught artist from Auckland. He has been an integral part of the scene, organising Auckland’s first graffiti festival, setting up galleries and publishing both a magazine and book profiling New Zealand graffiti artists.

Askew done_edited.jpg
Boris Bandits

Boris Bandits is the collaboration of Gwilym Devery and E Bone, two talented illustrators and muralists hailing from Wellington. Boris Bandits bring a strong and playful graphic style to their work. Their ambitious piece for Boon 2015 depicts a taniwha, wrapping itself around the architecture of the building on Ward Street.

bori bandits.jpg
Bruce McLachlan

Local legend Bruce McLachlan is born and bred in the Waikato and currently based in Hamilton. Known for his precise and detailed acrylic paintings, and often inspired by pop culture, Bruce was a key contributor to the Boon 2019 Street Art Festival.

Bruce McLachlan 2019.jpeg
Brya Rose

Brya Rose is a mama, artist and teacher from the McLachlan clan of Kirikiriroa. She explores aspects of popular culture through fine art blurring disciplines across artworks, where graffiti meets painting and illustrations are sculpted into ceramics. 

Caitlin Moloney

Caitlin has a love of rich jewel like colours, design and texture. She is captivated by culture and how people live. Caitlin feels that the relationship we as human beings have with the earth, with each other and ourselves is the single most sacred experience of being alive.

Caitlin Grey St.jpeg
Christie Wright

Christie Wright is a Napier-based designer, illustrator and muralist who has left a trail of her bright and fluid murals all over New Zealand during the last few years. She has painted one of our festivals biggest ‘walls’, the Hamilton Central Library.

Charles + Janine 

Charles (Ngāti Kahungunu, Ngāi Tūhoe, Ngāti Tūwharetoa, Ngāpuhi) is a founding member & president of the world championship winning crew TMD (The Most Dedicated), a collective of creatives from around the world who continue to push artistic boundaries.

10 Boon 2018 Amanda Ratcliffe IMG_2485.jpg
Cracked Ink

Si Omer AKA Cracked Ink has been involved in both street art and the art gallery scene in New Zealand. He likes to work in the moment, conducive to the medium of aerosol paint and is interested in exploring attitude and expression.

Cracked Ink.jpg
Craig McClure

Craig is a doodler, painter, illustrator, muralist, curator, festival director and project manager. He uniquely employs an amalgamation of illustration with contemporary painting engaging an ethereal undercurrent of symbol and storytelling in his artwork. 

Craig finished.jpeg
Daniel Ormsby

Māori artist Daniel Ormsby’s usual mediums are painting, Whakairo (carving), and Ta Moko (tattooing). Daniel's deeply reflective storytelling is part of a conscious effort to enable Toi Māori visibility in Hamilton’s central community spaces. 

Denise Fort

Denise’s art uses detailed, illustrative style and playful storytelling using bold black marker lines, which have become her signature medium. She has been invited to commission several mural works, which now feature on walls, skate bowls, and cafes across the country.​

Denise Fort.PNG
Dinho Bento

Brazilian Artist / Muralist / Illustrator Dinho Bento enriched our city by sharing tales of his Brazilian whakapapa through his signature large-scale mural design.


Enox aka Iain is another of New Zealand’s proudly homegrown artists. Having already brought his urban contemporary style to a range of other mediums we were delighted to have him bring his crew of energetic and positive characters to the walls of our streets.

ENOX 2019.jpeg
Erika Pearce

Aucklander Erika Pearce is a vibrant multi-disciplined artist and a passionate conservationist. We were pleased to invite Erika to Kirikiriroa to tell her inspirational stories of the beauty of both wahine and the natural world.

Erika Pearce 2020_edited.jpg

A stencil artist with a fine art degree, Flox's trademark native birds, ferns and flowers are a celebration of Aotearoa’s environmental taonga. Using distinctly vibrant colour on a scale combined with delicacy they magically transform grey walls into vibrant depictions of the natural world. 

Gina Kiel

Gina Kiel is an artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. She creates feminine yet strong images that exude sensuality and explore the human experience through ideas of life, death, spirituality and pop culture using flowing lines and forms and bold, minimal compositions with a psychedelic palette.

Gina Kiel.jpg
Jeremy Shirley

Jeremy Shirley is one of Hamilton’s best-known muralists and has work spread widely around the city, the country and abroad. His unique style has been making its way around Hamilton before street art was widespread in the city. 

jeremy pose_edited.jpg
Jodie McBride

Jodi McBride is a Hamilton based artist who completed her degree in Media Arts at Wintec. With a passion for illustration, her work combines soft pastels and vibrant pop colours. She re-imagines everyday situations in quirky and playful ways.

Jodi McBride.jpg
Kalani Lanusi

A budding part of the local art community, Kalani has completed the beloved Duck Island mural as her first big wall. For BOON she was interested in telling stories of her South American whakapapa. 

Kelcy Taratoa

Kelcy is from Aotearoa |New Zealand. Cultural identity, popular culture, technology and science fiction have been the source for many of his works. 2019 saw a shift towards the conceptual and abstract territory of Māori customary art forms and a concept within te ao Maori, te kore, te-wiwia - a space without boundaries. Te kore, te-wiwia is centred in grey space thinking - away from absolutes.

BOC 1626.jpg
Kell Sunshine

Kell is a multidisciplinary Kiwi artist with a focus on street art in a bright, fresh palette. We were keen to bring her back to Hamilton after her graceful work on a temporary wall resonated strongly with our community. For her 2019’s work she collaborated with local spoken-word poet Michael Moore to create something a bit different.

Kieran Horner

Kieran Horner aka ‘Point Chev’ is a Kirikiriroa local and Wintec graduate who works as a fulltime tattooist at Holiday Tattoo alongside two other local artists. Despite specialising in black and grey work he was more than happy to pick up a paintbrush and help us bring some colour and fun to the walls of Hamilton City.

Kieran Horner 1_edited.jpg
Liam Bourton

Liam uses geometric abstraction in his artworks and has a systematical, and mathematical approach to making art. With his headphones on, a pen in his hand, and a canvas in front of him he zones out the world, becoming absorbed in his art, and finding his happy place.

Liam Bourton_edited.jpg
Melinda Butt

Melinda Butt is an artist on a mission, sharing BOON’s belief in the power of art to transform and enhance communities' experience of everyday spaces. Melinda brought her geometric shapescapes to Kirikiriroa in the Boon Street Art Festival 2019. 

Melinda Butt 2019.jpeg
Mica Still

Mica creates awareness imagery around various health/mental conditions so you can help spread the knowledge and love. Mica’s art work will sneak up and frighten you in your dreams while making you laugh out loud in the light of day.

Pauly B

Pauly B is a Hamilton based muralist, painter, and performer of live art. His art responds to the connections between people that are constantly happening throughout the city.


Pounamu Wharekawa (Ngai te Rangi, they / themme / ia) is an angry indigenous bad bitch, fine artist, illustrator and muralist. They make art that speaks about intersections of identity through the lens of a queer, small town turned urban Māori living their best boring life in the big smoke of Kirikiriroa. 

Pounamu 1.jpeg
Poihakena Ngāwati

Poihakena Ngāwati is a Hamiltonian, muralist and Wintec graduate with a number of impressive works around Hamilton.

poi 2.jpg
Rach Kiddie

Rachel is an artist, a mother of two toddlers, a wife, a reader, a craft-maker, and an introverted homebody who uses combinations of bold block colour, pattern, text, illustration and symbolism to tell stories and explore humour in everyday life.

Rach Kiddie.jpg
Regan Balzer

Regan has spent her life-time learning. A High School teacher in Mathematics and Art, Regan had her first solo exhibition in 20015 at Hei Tiki Gallery in Rotorura. She has gone on to exhibit throughout New Zealand, Italy, Australia, America, Rarotonga and Tahiti. She is particularly interested in the ability to connect people and share stories through her her work.

BOC 1611.jpg
Sean Duffell

Sean Duffell is known for his large abstract murals inspired by NZ flora, fauna, insects and reptiles. His art can be found on walls and in public spaces all around Auckland and Wellington.

Sean Duffell 2017.jpg

Siren (Jacob Chrisohoou) is a multi-disciplinary freelance artist. Through art and hip-hop Jacob encourages young people to positively develop themselves towards a positive and productive future.

Stephen Templer

Wellingtonian Stephen Templer is an artist, performer, painter and prop designer with a gift for collaboration. He agrees strongly about the power of the arts to bring vibrancy to New Zealand communities. 

Stephan Templer 2019.jpeg
T Wei

T Wei is a Wellington based artist whose particular style is pop-surrealism.


His piece responds to the Waikato river in particular reflecting on the importance of the awa itself and the eels within it. The fisherman’s head is a bucket that is holding the eels. It's a playful reflection of its surroundings.

T WEI  (1 of 9).jpg
Techs & Hine+

Poihakena Ngāwati and his partner Hana Maihi (aka Techs and Hine+) are known in Hamilton for their collaborating on the vast ‘Te Hono Ki Matariki’ mural that graces Wintec’s Anglesea St wall. 

Techs and Hine.jpg
Te Haunui Tuna

Te Haunui Tuna grew up admiring art and was always found with a pencil in hand drawing pictures and entering local art competitions. Later on, he started to experiment with painting, air brushing, tattooing, sculpting, using ink pens and digital programmes to create new art work.

Te Haunui wip 2.jpg

Te Marunui's extensive art practice considers creative practice as both a reflection of and method to facilitate healing in Urban Māori identity. Aiming to visualize the process of going from 'blackness to taha Maori' in a series of artworks as a healing tool for himself and for others processing a similar journey.

BOC 607.jpg
Ten Hundred 

Ten Hundred’ aka Peter Robinson is painter/designer/muralist from Seattle, Washington. 

Ten Hundred.jpg
Tony Diaz

Multidisciplinary Californian artist Tony Diaz painted our first BOON brokerage wall in January 2020 before bringing his highly detailed style to Boon Street Art Festival 2020, with a little bit of help from his father Mike.

Tony diaz 5.jpg

Trustme (Ross Liew) is an Auckland based artist. His mural sitting close to the Waikato River, responds to the Waikato whakatauki “Waikato Taniwharau, He piko, he taniwha, He piko, he taniwha.”

Underwater Collective

The Underwater Collective is a collaborative group of artists from the Waikato who create object-based installations. Their artwork collides everyday icons with wild dream-scape imaginings.

3 Boon 2018 Amanda Ratcliffe IMG_1865_edited.jpg
Xavier Tapp

Xavier Tapp is a geometric artist based in Kirikiriroa. He is incredibly inspired by brutalist architecture and optical illusion in geometric abstraction. He creates art to immerse himself in a creative vibrant world which is a continuous exploration of visual perception in optical art.

Xavier Tapp.JPG
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