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Commission an Artwork

Do you have wall you would like transformed into a piece of art?

Boon has commissioned more than 80 murals for the city and we offer an all year-round mural comission service. If you are a property owner you could activate your wall with an amazing mural to draw people to your business and make a dull place feel alive. 

Maybe you have an artist in mind, or a wall that needs some love and don’t know where to start. We’ll consult with you on your vision for the site, find some great artist(s) and present you with options. We take care of everything from health and safety to artist liaison and management of the project. 

Let us know what you would like by filling in the form so we can get in touch and create something exciting together.

Kell Sunshine.jpg


1. The Brief 

We have a good chat with you about what you want, specifics of the wall (measurements, interior/exterior etc), when you want it, your budget and ideas about what you like. We provide a quote.

2. Design Development

We will find artists that are a good fit for your project to present concept drawings. You choose which concept you love, and the artist then develops the concept into a full colour design for your feedback. This becomes the 'working' drawing and represents the final mural.

3. Production

The artist paints the wall.


4. More art everywhere, everyday, and happy people!

Thanks for submitting!

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