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BOON 2017


Ahsin Ahsin

Based in Hamilton, Aoteroa NZ, Ahsin has exhibited largely throughout New Zealand in the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, Auckland and Melbourne. He has an extensive list of commissioned work and has participated in international art initiatives including a series in India. His works are vibrant and dynamic, influenced by 1980s-90s sci-fi films and street art with a variety of artistic and pop culture references.


His imagination distills into fantastic creatures and sigils, graffiti marks and gestures suspended in hyperspace. He works his neo-pop style across a variety of surfaces that can be seen on the street in mural form and in galleries. This is his first mural.

Askew One

Askew One/Elliot O’Donnell is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist hailing from Auckland, New Zealand. He has been an integral part of the scene through organising Auckland’s first graffiti festival, setting up multiple gallery spaces (Disrupt Gallery, Gallery With No Name and Studio 40) and publishing both a magazine (Disrupt Magazine) and book (InForm: New Zealand Graffiti Artists Discuss Their Work) showcasing New Zealand graffiti art.


Additionally he has directed around 35 music videos for mostly hip hop artists. Askew One’s focus has progressed from text and portraiture based paintings into a style he describes as 'portraiture by alternative means' that is part still life and part abstraction. He uses a combination of analogue and digital techniques to create compositions made from 3D scans of random objects and textures from the street.


For this mural, Askew One walked around the streets of Hamilton with a camera and eventually came across the face of the young woman for this painting.

Askew done_edited.jpg

Caitlin Moloney

When I was little, I used to wish that I had all of the treasure that had ever sunk to the bottom of the ocean in my backyard. I would close my eyes and imagine piles of gold, fabric, ceramics and most of all jewels. All I wanted was to be surrounded by beautiful things.

My interest in these treasures has never wavered, and as an artist I have explored many mediums celebrating my love of rich jewel like colours, design and texture.

I am captivated by culture, how people live and are shaped by their environments. I feel the relationship we as human beings have with the earth, with each other and ourselves is the single most sacred experience of being alive and seeing these beliefs manifested into the tangible world is magic.

Craig McClure

Born in Paisley Scotland he moved to Aotearoa | New Zealand in 2007. McClure is a contemporary visual artist who has studied and works in a variety of creative fields. His artistic career in Waikato has spanned over a decade and largely in support of other artists.


He is a doodler, painter, illustrator, muralist, curator, festival director and project manager. McClure uniquely employs an amalgamation of illustration with contemporary painting engaging an ethereal undercurrent of symbol and storytelling in his artwork. 

Director of Magic Darts Limited he finds it natural and even crucial to my health to enter this world in drawing and in it I have discovered a way of life. It is a world of my own making; it is so close to me I become entangled in the sometimes agonising development of images. It takes some time before I see it with any decent perspective.”

This piece was Craig’s first solo mural and was inspired by comic books and science fiction.

Mica Still

I want to make everyone have at least one giggle a day. It is infectious. Mica creates awareness imagery around various health/mental conditions so you can help spread the knowledge and love. Mica’s art work will sneak up and frighten you in your dreams while making you laugh out loud in the light of day.


Mica Still grew up in a small coastal town in the Pacific Northwest of America, where the art scene was dominated by seaside watercolours. She found herself immigrating to New Zealand for love in the late 90's after graduating from art school.


Since landing on NZ shores she has represented herself through out her career, showing in over a 100 exhibitions. She has been an art mentor, curated shows and has caught the eye of many collectors. Mica moved her practice to the streets gaining recognition quickly for her bold animals that dominate the urban landscape. Awareness is hope! Share the love. Enjoy the ride.

Pauly B

Pauly B is a Hamilton based muralist, painter, and performer of live art.


With the site of his mural placed on the main street of Hamilton’s CBD, Pauly B is responding to the connections between people that are constantly happening throughout the city.


Rach Kiddie

Born and raised in Kirikiriroa, Hamilton and a proud Melville alumna, Rachel is an artist, a mother of two toddlers, a wife, a reader, a craft-maker, and an introverted homebody who uses combinations of bold block colour, pattern, text, illustration and symbolism to tell stories and explore humour in everyday life.


She has a Bachelor of Media Arts majoring in Painting, a Postgraduate Diploma in Secondary School Teaching, and has just finished an Artist Residency in Motherhood; a self-directed, open-source artist residency to empower and inspire artists who are also mothers. 

Sean Duffell

Sean Duffell is known for his large abstract murals inspired by NZ flora, fauna, insects and reptiles. His recent trip to Thailand saw him take part in the combined OE14 Exhibition held at Endemic World. Sean's art can be found on walls and in public spaces all around Auckland and Wellington.


Sean says,"I believe originality in ones work is paramount as an artist and art in public spaces should ultimately aim to empower the surrounding community. My hope is that my work will add a sense of vibrancy and contribute culturally to the areas that I am painting in, and that the members of these communities will take ownership and pride in the murals."

Jacob Chrisohoou

Siren (Jacob Chrisohoou) is a multi-disciplinary freelance artist.
Through art and hip-hop Jacob encourages young people to positively develop themselves towards a positive and productive future.


Jacob is also a staunch pit-bull advocate who believes this breed of dogs has gained an underserved bad reputation thanks to the irresponsibility of owners.


His love for pit bulls was the inspiration behind this piece.

Techs wide pic.jpeg


Poihakena Ngāwati (Waikato Tainui) depicts the human female personification of the kōkako bird.


Ngāwati is a Hamiltonian, muralist and Wintec graduate with a number of impressive works around Hamilton.

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