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BOON 2020

Erika Pearce

Aucklander Erika Pearce is a vibrant multi-disciplined artist and a passionate conservationist. We were pleased to invite Erika to Kirikiriroa to tell her inspirational stories of the beauty of both wahine and the natural world.

Erika Pearce_edited_edited.jpg
Kieran Horner 1.jpg

Kieran Horner

Kieran Horner aka ‘Point Chev’ is a Kirikiriroa local and Wintec graduate who works as a fulltime tattooist at Holiday Tattoo alongside two other local artists. Despite specialising in black and grey work he was more than happy to pick up a paintbrush and help us bring some colour and fun to the walls of Hamilton City.

Techs & Hine+

Poihakena Ngāwati and his partner Hana Maihi (aka Techs and Hine+) are known in Hamilton for their collaborating on the vast ‘Te Hono Ki Matariki’ mural that graces Wintec’s Anglesea St wall. A Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Graffiti Artist, Poi painted unofficially at our first street art festival in 2015 then painted the Meteor in 2017, so it was no surprise when he returned with Hine+ for 2020’s Street Art Festival.

Techs 2.jpg
Ten Hundred1.jpg

Ten Hundred

Ten Hundred’ aka Peter Robinson is painter/designer/muralist from Seattle, Washington. After he advertised ‘Best comment gets a free print’ on his popular YouTube channel our BSAF Project Manager Craig left a comment inviting him to New Zealand. 12 months later he was in Hamilton and while Craig didn’t win a print, Peter did leave behind a piece of his lush artistic world for our whole city to enjoy.

Tony Diaz

Multidisciplinary Californian artist Tony Diaz met BSAF Project Manager Craig as a wandering traveller, a few beers later and they were bonding over art. Tony painted our first BOON brokerage wall in January 2020 before bringing his highly detailed style to BSAF20, with a little bit of help from his father Mike.

Tony Diaz4_edited.jpg
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