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Boon Street Art Festival 2021  

Craig McClure

Craig is a visual artist who works in a variety of creative fields. His artistic career in the Waikato has spanned over a decade and largely in support of other artists. He is a doodler, painter, illustrator, muralist, curator and the Boon Festival Director. From his Studio, The Lighthouse, McClure amalgamates illustration with contemporary painting; inspired by science fiction, mythology, psychoanalysis and the pursuit of truth.

You can follow McClure @magic.darts on Instagram or visit his website


Rachel Kiddie McCLure

Rachel Kiddie McClure is an artist and mother of two. She is born and raised in Kirikiriroa and is a proud Melville alumna. She has a Master of Information Management, a Bachelor of Media Arts majoring in painting and was a secondary school art teacher for over 10 years. Kiddie McClure has recently completed an Artist Residency in Motherhood; a self-directed, open-source artist residency to empower and inspire artists who are also mothers. 

Her work embraces themes of personal narrative, home-life, motherhood, feminism, craft, nostalgia and storytelling.  


Pounamu Wharekawa (Ngai te Rangi, they / themme / ia) is an angry indigenous bad bitch, fine artist, illustrator and muralist. They make art that speaks about intersections of identity through the lens of a queer, small town turned urban Māori living their best boring life in the big smoke of Kirikiriroa. 


Pauly B

Pauly B (he/him) is an artist based in Kirikiriroa Hamilton who has painted murals extensively in Aotearoa New Zealand. As a Zen practitioner, he often makes work about interbeing and looking past the illusion of mind and self. As well as being a painter, he performs abstract puppetry in collaboration with musicians.

Find him online @pauly.b.artist (Instagram) and


Kieran is a local tattooist who can also be found at Holiday Tattoo Studio. He is inspired by folk art, tattooing and the classic kiwi spirit of DIY.

This is Kieran’s second mural after painting his first in Boon Street Art Festival 2020. 

Kieran only tattoos in black and grey, so painting a mural and also the cactus sculptures he works on from his home studio, is a chance to explore colour and scale.

You can keep up with what Kieran is doing @point_chev on instagram.


Brya Rose

Brya Rose is a mama, artist and teacher from the McLachlan clan of Kirikiriroa.She explores aspects of popular culture through fine art blurring disciplines across artworks, where graffiti meets painting and illustrations are sculpted into ceramics.Brya has always loved graffiti art, because it is an art form that can be shared with everybody. She likes to paint Pandas in this medium to keep it cheerful and fun. Her hope is that they bring a little sparkle and light to someone’s day. 


Ahsin Ahsin

Another Hamilton legend, Ahsin Ahsin is best known for his electric crocodiles and pop robots.

Inspired by sci-fi, and your uncle's favourite cartoons, such as The Land Before Time, Transformers and HE-MAN: Masters of the Universe; Ahsin Ahsin has a style that bridges between graphic design, illustration and contemporary painting. He has exhibited around New Zealand and overseas. Ahsin Ahsin makes work from his home studio where he proceus, paintings and drawings, digital art and custom builds one of a kind bicycles.

You can stay tuned to Ahsin Ahsin’s work @ushy_ushy on instagram.


Xavier Tapp

Xavier Tapp is a geometric artist based in Kirikiriroa. Over the past few years, he completed his Bachelor of Media Arts at WINTEC, and is currently doing a post graduate study with honours. He is incredibly inspired by brutalist architecture and optical illusion in geometric abstraction. Xavier specialises in Aerosol spray paint but tends to use many mediums.


Liam Bourton

Liam Bourton is a 24 year old artist who was born in Otorohanga and is currently living and working in Hamilton.

Liam started doing art in high school, after accidentally being placed in an art class, where he proceeded to fall in love with the subject. Moving forward he took up a Bachelor of Media Arts at Wintec, where he slowly found and crafted his own style. Eventually creating his ‘3 little lines’ technique, starting his obsession with geometric abstraction.

With headphones on, a pen in his hand, and a canvas in front of him, Liam could zone out the world, become absorbed in his art, and find his happy place.


Ali Selliman

Local tattooist from Holiday Tattoo Studio. 

Ali has been throwing up murals in Hamilton for donkeys! A member of Hamilton’s notorious Underwater Collective, a group of artists that contributed to the Hamilton art scene between 2006 and 2016. 

Ali’s work is influenced by folk tales, architecture and indigenous cultures. Day to day Ali is  tattooing while also producing paintings and prints. You can follow Ali @agan_tatu on instagram and visit him for your tattoo needs at Holiday Tattoo, Panama Square, Hamilton. 

He Loves a good Doh Bro… ice cold baby!

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