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Boon Street Art Festival 2022  

From the 25th to the 27th November Boon brought the aroha to Dinsdale AND the CBD. 

Ripe Mind

When Californian colour alchemist Ripe Mind painted for us in 2020 we knew we’d love to have him back and so we were thrilled when he agreed to create this piece for the Boon Street Art Festival 2022. It is situated on Bryce Street near Tristram Street, by the Cricket Stadium and easily viewable as you drive past. Though some argue that it bears a resemblance to our tea-loving Treasurer Nancy Caiger the artist argues that any resemblance is purely by chance!

Cnr of Bryce St and Tristram St, Hamilton


Elliot Mason

Elliot Mason is a visual artist, gallery technician, picture framer and curator from up in the hills above Tauranga. His unique style responds to experiences in the wilderness, histories and human culture. His current series ‘the eel and the trout’ is plunged into fresh river water and interlaced among the creatures within.
Elliot’s unique style responds to experiences in the wilderness, histories and human culture.


Cnr of Ward St and Seddon Rd, Hamilton 


Bemodern (Paul Darragh) lives and works as an artist and designer in Mount Maunganui. His painting practice traverses both the traditional canvases and large-scale murals and outdoor paintings. This clean, graphic-style mural incorporates elements of different world flags and the meaning is open to the viewer's interpretation.

127 Collingwood St, Hamilton


Koryu Aoshima

KORYU is a Japanese mural artist moving actively into the international field. The vibrant motifs he paints capture the characteristics of the region and apply them to the walls. His art style reflects his unique background, such as growing up with an international family, experiencing street culture, working as a graphic designer, and traveling around the world. This spectacular mural of a tiger catching a carp fish was inspired by the tiger at Hamilton Zoo. Painted during the Chinese year of the tiger, this beautiful work has many layers of meaning.

150 Victoria St, Hamilton

Zarna Torpey

Zarna is a Hamilton based artist originally from the coastal village of Kaawhia. This year she
completed her Bachelor of Contemporary Arts degree at Wintec and is stepping into her
creative career. Her practice draws inspiration from both nature and fantasy, which she uses
to explore themes of extinction, death, rebirth and healing from trauma. 

27 Whatawhata Road, Dinsdale, Hamilton


Pounamu Wharekawa

Pounamu Wharekawa (Ngai te Rangi, they / themme / ia) is an angry indigenous bad bitch, fine artist, illustrator and muralist. Their work is traditional pūrākau meets urbanised brat, using vibrant palettes to imagine a world where their ancestors and atua live on in technicolour; dancing alongside them in the club and sending them memes on Instagram. This piece is typical of their work, which shows traditional pūrākau meeting urbanised brat. 

27 Whatawhata Road, Dinsdale, Hamilton


Stephen Templer

Stephen Templer, Artist, maker and story teller. This atmospheric mural is clearly a tale of friendship and fun! Thank you Stephen for bringing magic with this 'parallel universe of joy and wonder'. 

27 Whatawhata Road, Dinsdale, Hamilton


Te Marunui Hotene

Te Marunui Hotene's (Tūhoe and Ngāti Pūkeko) extensive art practice considers creative practice as both a reflection of and method to facilitate healing in Urban Māori identity. This amazing communal wall was painted by Te Marunui alongside a host of artists, supporters and volunteers who all joined in to bring the wall to life! 

22 Tuhikaramea Road, Dinsdale, Hamilton


Brya Rose

Brya Rose is a mama, artist and teacher from the McLachlan clan of Kirikiriroa. She explores aspects of popular culture through fine art blurring disciplines across artworks, where graffiti meets painting and illustrations are sculpted into ceramics. Joining us for her second Boon, Brya brings her creative pandemonium to the walls of Dinsdale. This cute collection of pandas helps bring the streets of Dinsdale to life. Rumour has it that each of their individual expressions and poses are inspired by her dog! 

By Z Station - Tuhikaramea Road


Leilani Shaw

Leilani Shaw is Kanien'kehá:ka from Kahnawà:ke, Quebec, Canada and a member of the Turtle Clan. Her artwork is a contemporary take on traditional Indigenous storytelling, giving new life to legends handed down for hundreds of years. Using aspects of surrealism, she integrates teachings and meanings from legends into her artwork to create a new world for all to enjoy.

27F Whatawhata Road, Dinsdale, Hamilton

Guy Moskon

Guy has a rusty tin can and string phone line tied together with a little San Francisco underground comics style mixed with a good old cereal bowl of 90’s gross out Saturday morning cartoons.  This mural with its fun comic-style characters are typical of the Guys work. 

Cnr of Whatwhata Rd and Newcastle Rd, Hamilton

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