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Take a walk on the wild side with the Boon Street Art Walking Tours!

Mural by Koryu Aoshima, photo by Tim Carter.

Ever walked down a Hamilton street only to be stopped in your tracks by a stunning mural? Behold the work of Boon Arts, a charitable trust who have transformed the city since 2017 with their aim of “art everywhere, everyday”. Their murals are plentiful in Hamilton's city centre, but few of us know the stories behind them, or even how many lurk in the hidden alleyways of Kirikiriroa. Enter the Boon Street Art Walking Tours!

For over one hour, their knowledgeable guides (many of them artists themselves) will help you discover the secrets of some of the 70+ murals around Hamilton City. Love the Centre has sponsored these tours, which rung every Saturday through Spring, from the 2nd September until November 25th. Tours leave from Love The Centre, 10 Garden Place at 2pm, and take you around a two block radius. It’s not far to walk, but there’s a tonne of stories.

These immersive tours are the perfect opportunity to see the world at a slower pace and to really take in the vibrancy and creativity of Hamilton. ‘People love discovering or rediscovering parts of the city they’ve never seen before’ says Tour Organiser, Sasha McLaren. Sprinkled throughout is some of the rich history and kaupapa of Boon Arts, including some surprising stories of the whos and whys behind how these stunning murals came to be. “I loved slowing down and seeing the city in a new way…This tour was very engaging and I've learnt lots about the mural culture in our community" says a previous attendee.

Boon also offer a range of private bespoke tours, for individuals, school groups, small groups or whole teams. These group tours are ideal for businesses wanting something different for their team building and typically finish up with a drink and nibbles somewhere fabulous (cocktails at Wonderhorse anyone?). You can also book an immersive private art tour, which has a muralist as your exclusive guide, and includes a tour of their vibrant and active art studio. These can be arranged by contacting Sasha directly at

With every tour booked you’ll be supporting Boon’s vision of more ‘art everywhere, everyday’ and providing an income for the creative industries here in Kirikiriroa.

So take a walk on the wild side with Boon Arts and discover stories of escaped tigers and secret gatherings on their Boon Street Art Walking Tours. Book your tickets on Eventfinda today!

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